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e-Business Consulting and Implementation Services


PrismaPlex offers e-Business Consulting and Implementation Services to accelerate the transformation of your e-business ideas into actionable plans and implementation roadmaps.

With our expertise in Business and Technology, we help you refine and expand your initial business idea into a meaningful business plan. From inception to launch and beyond, we guide you in alignment with your desired exit strategy.

At PrismaPlex Ltd., we believe in assembling capable teams tailored to the specific task at hand. We leverage your resources, ours, or third parties in creative ways that maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Our services extend to clients in Cyprus, Greece, and the rest of the European Union.

Your intricate concepts expertly distilled and dissected to reveal their fundamental elements.

Helping you simplify and convey your ideas effectively, PrismaPlex transforms them into accessible concepts for potential investors and clients.

We specialize in developing comprehensive System Analysis with implementation roadmaps. We also offer expert guidance in executing these strategies to drive your success forward, including managing the sowftware development phase.

Your path to e-Business Success

Embarking on a new e-business venture can be deceptively simple. However, the journey from concept to accomplishment is a captivating blend of intricate planning, strategic technology choices, effective marketing, and fostering a strong team.

Here at PrismaPlex, we excel at bringing clarity to your ideas, refining them with finesse, and seamlessly merging the realms of business and technology.

With us by your side, you receive comprehensive guidance throughout every stage of your project, from the initial analysis and strategy development to the intricate process of technology implementation, and an impactful launch.

Our partners span globally, hailing from North America and Europe, further validating our commitment to excellence.



We prioritize listening attentively. Right from the start, we offer our expert perspective on your project. If we agree to collaborate, we eagerly roll up our sleeves and dive into the work.

Business Planning

We transform your ideas into a comprehensive plan, featuring aggregate sales forecasts and cash flows. We refine the plan constantly to ensure that it remains up-to-date with the latest estimates. 

Systems Analysis

We act as a link between non-IT stakeholders and technology, finding the correct blend of computer software, hardware, cloud services and processes to best implement your idea.

Systems Design

We build the project blueprint defining system elements like modules, mobile apps, architecture, databases, interfaces and data to meet the specified requirements.

Team Formation

We assist in the team building process, including interviewing developers, marketing experts, and other required human resources, either internally or through outsourcing.   


We oversee all stages of implementation including component development and managing human and technology resources, multiple phases and pilots.


We help allocate the proposed marketing budget into a variety of platforms for maximum ROI and establish metrics to measure each campaign’s performance.

Project Management

Meeting deadlines during each project phase is of paramount importance. We help the planning, scheduling, execution, tracking, and delivery.